Face / Normal to dry skin

ACTIVE – intense moisture
for normal to dry skin

Does your skin need a little more attention? Heliotrop ACTIVE is ideal for when care products for demanding skin are still too rich.
Valuable active complexes make skin feel firmer whilst combating age-related changes to the skin and the harmful influence of free radicals.
The skin is given an intense moisture boost and the depth of fine lines and wrinkles is reduced.
For a firm, supple complexion.

Night Cream

ACTIVE Regenerative Night Cream

For extra care

Night-time is the best time to relieve stress and combat the formation of wrinkles. The intensive complex of ACTIVE Regenerative Night Cream with algae extract and avocado, wheatgerm and jojoba oil* supports the natural regeneration of the skin whilst stimulating collagen synthesis, leaving skin refreshed and invigorated.
* from controlled organic cultivation


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The powerful ingredients of the ACTIVE range give the skin an intensive moisture boost and protect it against environmental damage and free radicals.

Algae extract

Research shows that algae extracts improve the skin’s moisture levels and lend it increased suppleness. They also provide protection against free radicals and improve the function of the elastic fibres.

Red clover extract

The flavonoid and isoflavone content of red clover lend it a regenerating effect, making it an excellent anti-ageing ingredient.

Tea seed oil*

Hundreds of years ago, tea seed oil was already a deeply valued beauty aid among Japanese geishas. In addition to valuable fatty acids, it contains protective antioxidants and has a smoothing, balancing and moisture-regulating effect.

Plants, oils and extracts

The plant oils and extracts used counteract fatigue and deficiencies on normal to dry skin whilst minimising wrinkles and lines to reveal a firmer, revitalised complexion.

Acacia extract and rhizobium extract

An effective anti-wrinkle agent that is made up of two components. Acacia extract comes from the Acacia senegal plant, which only grows in dry regions such as North Africa. Rhizobium extract is obtained from the fine root hairs of wheat in a biotechnological process.

Aloe vera*

Aloe vera is an extremely effective moisturiser that keeps skin supple and, thanks to its high content of antioxidative vitamins, protects the skin against ageing caused by free radicals.

Quince extract

Quince extract combats dry lines and has a smoothing, soothing and calming effect.

* from controlled organic cultivation