The best of nature and science

Heliotrop products are characterised by the guiding concept of uniting the best from nature and science. In order to achieve this, we work with carefully selected natural active agents in addition to highly pure plant oils and extracts, most of which hail from organic cultivation. Our products make use of the enormous therapeutic potential of plants, whilst simultaneously representing state-of-the-art scientific developments. This is proven not only by the company’s many patents, but also by the new generation of extracts used in Heliotrop facial care.

Obtained in a gentle and environmentally friendly process with the help of CO₂, these extracts are extremely pure and do not require any preservatives. They are also particularly rich in active agents. This results in an array of innovative products with a high degree of effectiveness that stimulate which stimulate the natural functions of the skin and protect it from external damage. The wide range of products offers you luxurious facial care to suit all skin types and age-related changes.

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